Parent-Child Talent Competition 2018

The Speak Mandarin Campaign Parent-Child Talent Competition is a nationwide competition that provides immersive opportunities for parents to bond and have fun with their children, while learning and speaking Mandarin.

A total of 26 teams from three categories were shortlisted at the Preliminary Round, and Winners were selected at the Grand Finals held on 2 June 2018 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.


Category A

Families with elder/eldest child in Kindergarten Level 1 or 2.


Tan Czhia Yheaw (Father)
Wong Xin Ee (Mother)
Tan Z-Gwen (Daughter)

1st Runner Up

Tong Hor Yee (Father)
Chee Hsiao Peng (Mother) 
Tong Ke Jin (Daughter)
Tong Ke Zhen (Daughter)


2nd Runner Up

Hong Kah Hooi (Mother)
Kaylee Wong Yi Xuan (Daughter)

Category B

Families with elder/eldest child in Primary 1 or 2. 


Chiao Shih Jung (Father)
Jiao Jian (Mother)
Chiao Bo Rui, Quinton (Son)
Chiao Xin Ning, Queenie (Daughter)

​1st Runner Up

Tan Yong Hua (Father)
Natalie Tan Si Zhu (Daughter) 

​2nd Runner Up

Suryani (Mother)
Tyler Liu Tai Le (Son)

Category C

Families with elder/eldest child between Primary 3 and 6.


Ho Kim Hoe (Father)
Kelly Ho Jia Yi (Daughter)


1st Runner Up

Ng Gek Puey, Yvonne (Mother)
Low Sing You, Yogan (Son)

2nd Runner ​Up

Lo Pay Jyue (Mother)
Melvyn Kuan Rui De (Son)

Co-organised by:

Mandarin Council        CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School        Committee To promote Chinese Language Learning        Sparkle Tots Preschool  


Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre


Thumbs Up     Thumbs Up Junior     Thumbs Up Little Junior     Maxtoon     Yangzheng Foundation  

​Prize Sponsors:

Creative Knowledge     Maha Yu Yi     Singapore Flyer     Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group 


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