About Us

The Promote Mandarin Council consists of both private and public sector individuals, with secretariat support from the National Heritage Board.


Mr Chua Chim Kang, 蔡深江

Head, Chinese Editorial Content



Deputy Chairman

Ms Chew Lee Ching, 周丽青

Managing Director

Mandate Communications (S) Pte Ltd



Mr Adrian Peh Nam Chuan, 白南泉

Managing Director

Yeo-Leong & Peh LLC



Culture, Education & Community Affairs Committee

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council

Mr Andy Hoon, 洪启强


Kim San Leng (F&B) Group



Yellow Submarines

Mdm Hong Boey Hong, 王梅凤 


Mother Tongues Languages Branch, Curriculum Planning & Development 

Ministry of Education

Ms Kai Ying, 恺缨

Assistant Programme Director,

88.3 Jia, DJ

So Drama! Entertainment

A/P Lan Luh Luh, 蓝璐璐

Associate Professor, NUS Business School

Co-director of Corporate Governance Financial Reporting Centre, NUS Business School

National University of Singapore

Ms Lee Kuan Fung, 李冠芳

Founder & Director

LuLeLe Learning Space

Mr Lee Ee Wurn, 李仪文

Programmes Director

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Ms Lee Siew Li, 李秀丽


Translation Department, Public Communications Division

Ministry of Communications and Information

Dr Liang Wern Fook, 梁文福

Language Director

Xue Er You Language Centre

Ms Loh Gek Khim, 刘玉琴


Skills Development Division

SkillsFuture Singapore

Mr Ng Keng Song, 黄庆松

District Head

Pre-School Management Division

PAP Community Foundation


Ms Ng Wai Mun, 黄伟曼

Correspondent, Special Feature

News Hub, Chinese Media Group

Singapore Press Holdings

Dr Tan Chee Lay, 陈志锐

Executive Director (Research & Development)

Singapore Centre for Chinese Language

Ms Tang Tung San, 邓冬姗


National Community Leadership Institute

Mr Wan Shung Ming, 尹崇明

Executive Director

Tin Sing Goldsmiths Pte Ltd



Cultural Committee

Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations

Ms Xiaohan, 小寒

Lyricist, Writer

Founder, Funkie Monkies Music Brand

Mr Yang Ji Wei, 杨纪伟

Board Member / Executive Director

The TENG Ensemble